Consumers’ consciousness on quality of meat, while purchasing from meat outlets in Kaduwela Municipal Council Area
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Kurugala, G. S. . (2022). Consumers’ consciousness on quality of meat, while purchasing from meat outlets in Kaduwela Municipal Council Area: Conciencia de los consumidores sobre la calidad de la carne cuando compran en los puntos de venta de carne en el área del Consejo Municipal de Kaduwela. South Florida Journal of Environmental and Animal Science, 2(2), 152–161.


Kaduwela Municipal Council area is the largest geological administrative municipal council area which is 87.71 km2 in Sri Lanka. According to Food Act No 26 of 1980 Municipal Council is the authority to ensure food safety of the area which is implemented by the Municipal Veterinary Surgeon regarding quality of meat and meat by products. There are 55 leading super markets, 25 meat shops belongs to branded companies and 72 small scale individually owned meat shops. Study was conducted using an interview and questioner with 500 consumers selected randomly while purchasing the meat from all three types of meat shops. Objective of the study to identify the consciousness of the consumer on quality of meat presented to sell in shops before purchase. Consumers were questioned on appearance of meat (colour and texture of meat) and display quality (cleanliness of shop, method of display meat, workers’ hygiene, technique of handling of meat and temperature of display meat) to evaluate the awareness of meat quality parameters. Results were analyzed and presented as percentages. It is identified 56% consumers conscious regarding the colour and only 10% of them assed about the texture of meat. Method of presentation of meat for selling directly interfere the quality of the meat. According to the results consumers visually asses the cleanliness of the shop (56%), hygiene of the workers’ (25%) and the technique of handling meat at the shop (9%) before purchase. However it was unfortunate to observe the consumers’ cognizant of the importance of method of display meat (5%) and temperature of the display fridge (5%) which affect the quality of meat, was significantly low. It is concluded that consumers’ knowledge is inadequate concerning factors to be observed before purchase meat. Finally as the outcome of the research to educate the consumer Veterinary Department of Kaduwela Municipal council has displayed a notice to consumers’ at each meat outlet regarding to concern about the temperature before purchase as it is indirectly contribute to improve the hygiene of the meat outlet by the owners.
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