Practical application of the PGRCC in constructions in the city of Recife
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Waste Management Program in Construction (PGRCC)
Solid Waste
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Severo, E. M. F. ., & de Sousa, H. J. C. . (2022). Practical application of the PGRCC in constructions in the city of Recife: Aplicación práctica del PGRCC en las construcciones de la ciudad de Recife. South Florida Journal of Environmental and Animal Science, 2(2), 46–54.


The importance of civil construction for the global economy with multiplier effects is indisputable, generating, for each direct employment, at least four indirect ones, bringing positive effects to the trade balance of the countries (ABIKO et al, 2005), however, it is considered as a which accounts for 50% of the CO2 released into the atmosphere and approximately half of the solid waste generated in the world.

In Brazil, in order to improve waste management, specific legislation was created through CONAMA Resolution 307/2002 and Law 12,305 / 2010, bringing, among others, the Integrated Program for the Management of Construction Waste and Rationalization of Production Processes, inducing a improving the quality of life of the population by controlling pollution and contamination of air, water and soil caused by inadequate removal, treatment and final disposal of solid wastes.
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