Resistance training for street runners


  • Marcelo Studart Hunger
  • Luzinete da Silva Martins Santos
  • Maiara Irene Sagradin da Silva
  • Marcos Roberto Falsetti
  • Anderson Martelli



Training, Strength, Concurrent Training, Runners


Currently, street racing is one of the most popular sports in the population, an increase related not only to high performance sports, but also to people's search for a more active and healthy lifestyle, since it is a sport popular and does not require large investments in equipment and can be practiced by all social classes and in various environments. We sought to demonstrate the effect of strength training for street runners, noting that numerous studies show that strength training does not hinder the development of this ability, and is even important to strengthen and improve performance. Therefore, the effect of this training on specific practitioners in the cross-race mode was analyzed, trying to certify that the strength training, in the concurrent form with the aerobic, has several positive points, while it can also be investigated if there are any negatives in the exercise resistance training. Therefore, it can be seen at the end that concurrent training has benefits for runner athletes, but it is specifically designed for street race performance, which can prevent muscle injury, improve running economy and increase performance in higher-end races. Difficulty level.



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Hunger, M. S. ., Santos, . L. da S. M. ., Silva, M. I. S. da, Falsetti, M. R. ., & Martelli, . A. . (2020). Resistance training for street runners. South Florida Journal of Health, 1(3), 24–40.