Prevalence of the use and social acceptance of generic drugs


  • Vítor Simão da Silva
  • Karina Santos Silva
  • Vanessa Silva Miranda
  • Nayane Lopes Ferreira
  • Renata Vieira Chaves Gabriel
  • Sérgio Eustáquio Lemos da Silva



drugs, health, population, low income


The objective of this study was to point out the prevalence of generic drug use and popular acceptance in the municipality of Itumbiara-GO, besides presenting the relationship between cost and benefit, efficacy and factors that influence user acceptance. The study consisted of a bibliographic and field study, through the application of a quantitative methodology, through a structured questionnaire that was applied and a group of 50 randomly selected people. It was verified that most of the group of interviewees has knowledge about generic drugs, as well as their low costs; but reported that they receive information from unreliable sources, which state that the generic medication does not have the same efficacy as a reference drug. The research also related that public policy actions development lives by the Ministry of Health and health professionals are mental foundations for the popularization of generic products. It was possible to conclude that the actions of dissemination and education by health agencies should be continuous, since they have the purpose of informing the community and thus, contributing to the promotion of health, especially, of the low-income population.



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Silva, V. S. da ., Silva, K. S. ., Miranda, V. S. ., Ferreira, N. L. ., Gabriel, R. V. C. ., & Silva, S. E. L. da . (2022). Prevalence of the use and social acceptance of generic drugs. South Florida Journal of Health, 3(3), 210–223.