Scalp threading - new treatment option for Androgenetic Alopecia


  • Elena Arsova



scalpthreading, threads, hairgrowth treatments, hair regrowth, pdoscalpthreading, wnt pathway, aga, alopecia androgenetica


Background: Patients nowadays seek treatment, not only to prevent the existing hair loss but more so to regain new hair with good thickness and density. Cochrane review reports that the efficacy of finasteride and minoxidil for AGA varies between 40% and 60%, which implies that a significant number of patients go bald despite therapy.  New treatment modalities, like Scalp Threading, Autologous stem cells, Cu-peptides, have beneficial role in hair regrowth. Observation: The dialog between mesenchymal and epithelial compartment of the hair follicle is essential for maintaining the normal hair growth, and is performed through signaling pathways and molecules. The Wnt pathway is considered to be the master regulator of hair growth and hair follicle cycling. In AGA, DHT inhibits hair growth by interfering with the Wnt pathway which results in arrest of the cells proliferation and differentiations, and seize of hair growth. Key Message: Scalp Threading is the novel treatment that stimulates the hair follicle cells proliferation, extends the anagen phase of hair growth and upregulates the growth factors. A single application of threads results in hair growth comparable to that achieved with consecutive applications of minoxidil. Considering its long-lasting and proliferating potentials, Scalp Threading can be considered a good treatment option for patients with AGA.



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