South Florida Journal of Development: Announcements <p>The <strong>South Florida Journal of Development (SFJD)</strong> arose from the perception of some professors about the lack of means of disseminating the theme of development in scientific articles. It is a bimonthly publication whose objetive is to disseminate knowledge in the area of development by means of the publication of scientific articles that present original contributions, both empirical and theoretical.</p> <p>Prof. Daniel Molina Botache, PhD, is editor-in-chief of the South Florida Journal of Development.</p> <p>ISSN: <strong>2675-5459</strong></p> <p>SFJD DOI prefix: <strong>10.46932</strong></p> <p><strong><a href=";view_op=search_venues&amp;vq=%22south+florida+journal+of+development%22&amp;btnG=">H Index Median (Google Metrics) - 10</a></strong></p> en-US Congress: We would like to invite you to participate in the I South Florida Health and Medicine Congress and the IV South Florida Congress of Development South Florida Journal of Development 2024-06-25