Physicochemical characterization of agricultural soils under a traditional system in the Mezquital Valley, Hidalgo


  • Jennifer Santiago Santander
  • Brenda Ponce Lira
  • Karina Aguilar Arteaga
  • Juan Pablo Pérez Camarillo



Alkalinity, Macroelements, Salinity, Physicochemical Variables


The study examines alkaline and sodic soils, characterized by a pH exceeding 7.5 and elevated exchangeable sodium, indicative of deficiencies in nitrogen, manganese, iron, zinc, and copper in crops. Its objective is to characterize agricultural soils under traditional and conventional systems using physical and chemical parameters to advocate for regenerative agriculture. Sampling and analysis adhere to Nom-021-RECNAT-2000 standards. Predominantly, the soils exhibit clay loam and sandy loam textures across Tula de Allende, Tezontepec de Aldama, Francisco I. Madero, and San Salvador municipalities. Organic matter percentages vary, classified as very high (Tula de Allende and San Salvador), high (Tezontepec de Aldama, Mixquiahuala de Juárez, and Francisco I. Madero), and low (Santiago de Anaya). The pH ranges from moderately alcaline to highly alkaline. Cation exchange capacity in irrigation zones varies from very high to high, and medium for Tezontepec and Santiago de Anaya, which rely on rainfed irrigation. Elevated nitrate (NO3-), phosphorus (H2PO4-), and potassium (K+) concentrations are noted across different municipalities. These findings prompt reconsideration of traditional tillage practices that exacerbate sodicity in agricultural soil.


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