Startups and Angel Investors


  • Carlos Rios-Campos
  • Jessica Del Consuelo Luzuriaga Viteri
  • Richard Hamilton Samillan Rivadeneira
  • Deciderio Enrique Diaz Rubio
  • Segundo Juan Díaz Avalos
  • Hilda Elisa Aguirre Zaquinaula
  • Edilbrando Vega Calderón
  • Juan Eduardo Suarez Rivadeneira
  • Luis Alfredo Abanto Merino
  • Jhesibel Ramos Vilcarromero
  • Juan José Castañeda León



Startups, Angel Investors, Innovation, Entrepreneurs


The general objective of the research was to determine the advances related to the startups and angel investors. The specific objectives of the research are to identify the most successful angel investors and the countries where angel investors invest the most. Methodology, in this research, 41 documents have been selected, carried out in the period 2018 – 2024; including: scientific articles, review articles and information from websites of recognized organizations. Results, startups have a significant impact on the economy of countries, and go hand in hand with innovation and receiving timely investment. Unicorns achieve global recognition. The largest global markets for venture funding are The United States, China and United Kingdom. Conclusions, angel investors play an important role in financing startups, so it is necessary that they have support from government institutions. The top angel investors in the U.S are Peter Thiel, Ron Conway and Naval Ravikant. The top angel investors in Europe are: Avi Eyal, Danny Rimer and Philippe Botteri. The top angel investors in China are: Neil Shen (Sequoia China / ByteDance / Hong Kong, China), Richard Liu (5Y Capital / Xiaomi / Hong Kong, China) and Zhen Zhang (Gaorong Capital / Pinduoduo / Beijing, China) (Forbes, 2023). Here are 3 angel investors in Africa that should be on your radar: Jérémy Goillot, Réna Kakon and Axel Peyrere. The top angel investors in Australia are: Tracie Clark, Lisa Siganto and Richard Moore. The largest global markets for venture funding are The United States, China and United Kingdom. United Kingdom, Germany and France are the countries in Europe where business angel investments the most.


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