The realisation of text coherence trough conceptual metaphors in the Albanian and English language


  • Faik Idrizi
  • Arbër Çeliku



Text Coherence, Metaphors, Conceptual Metaphors, Albanian Language, English Language


‘Coherence’ as a linguistic notion is one of the seven basic criteria of textuality (Dressler 1981). There are many linguistic elements through them coherence can be achieved, but the focus of this article will be the conceptual metaphor in the Albanian language as an specific element, which is not to find in any other language.  The reason of conducting such contrastive research consists of three guidelines: First, although Albanian and English belong to the same language family: Indo-European, also they are inflectional languages, but they have their own mechanism expressing linguistic phenomena. Secondly, the Albanian language, building an independent group within the Indo-European family group, provides some differences in the morpho-syntactic level compared to German and English as languages of the same group. Third, metaphors are not only a linguistic phenomenon, but, first of all, a cultural one. There is a big difference between Albanian and English. This article focuses not only to express the linguistic differences of the realization of text coherence trough metaphors in Albanian and English, but also builds an methodological-didactic frame, especially for learners of both languages to avoid mistakes in the process of text constitution in these languages.


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Idrizi, F., & Çeliku, A. (2024). The realisation of text coherence trough conceptual metaphors in the Albanian and English language. South Florida Journal of Development, 5(4), e3816.