Universities of Barcelona – Problems and Efforts


  • Carlos Rios-Campos
  • Oscar Anchundia-Gómez
  • Patricia Abigail Alejandría Vallejos
  • Elixer Alexandra Palma Batalla
  • Liliana Isabel-Flores Anchundia
  • Irma Rumela Aguirre Zaquinaula
  • Hilda Elisa Aguirre Zaquinaula
  • Deciderio Enrique Diaz Rubio




universities of Barcelona, problems and efforts, Spain


It is necessary to know the state of the universities of Spain. In this paper the general objective was determine the situation of the universities of Barcelona: Problems and efforts. Methodology, in this research, 35 documents have been selected, carried out in the period 2018 – 2023; including: scientific articles, review articles and information from websites of recognized organizations. The keywords used in the searches were: Universities of Barcelona, problems and efforts. Results, the universities of Barcelona occupy the first places in the ranking of universities in Spain and Europe, with three standing out the most: University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University. Barcelona universities have a significant number of foreign students. Conclusions, the universities of Barcelona have important international recognition, numerous foreign teachers and students, a high level of job placement, specialized research centers, a large number of doctoral and master's programs, articles published in scientific journals, agreements with companies and international double degrees with universities, student exchange, development cooperation projects, participation in international networks, UNESCO chairs, adequate infrastructure and laboratories, cultural diversity, study scholarships, among others. In the ranking of universities in Spain we have the University of Barcelona and Autonomus University of Barcelona among the first three places. In the ranking of universities in Barcelona we have the University of Barcelona, Autonomus University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University among the first three places.


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