Combinatorial analysis: mathematics investigations by high school students at the Federal Institute of Tocantins


  • Cynthia Souza Oliveira
  • Marlise Geller
  • Albano Dias Pereira Filho
  • Lilissanne Marcelly de Sousa



investigative activities, multiplicative principle, combinatorial analysis


This article is based on a study on mathematical research carried out with 2nd grade high school students at the Federal Institute of Tocantins. The investigation is placed in a qualitative perspective, based on Ponte's typology (2009). The objective of the research was to develop and apply activities that would enable students to develop mathematical investigation regarding the study of Combinatorial Analysis. The purpose was to investigate the impact of this experience on students, trying to understand not only the way they formulate questions and hypotheses, how they design and consolidate the choice of information, analyze the data they collected and also the disseminated results obtained. During the completion of the task, there was the role of teacher guiding the tasks and as it unfolded, conclusions were perceived which ensure that it is advantageous, both for teachers and learners and even though the activities carried out surprisingly promoted non-mechanized learning.


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Oliveira, C. S., Geller, M., Pereira Filho, A. D., & de Sousa, L. M. (2024). Combinatorial analysis: mathematics investigations by high school students at the Federal Institute of Tocantins. South Florida Journal of Development, 5(1), 384–398.