Techniques to improve web sites positioning in the World Wide Web


  • David González Marrón
  • Verónica Paola Corona Ramírez
  • Juan Alejandro Arrieta Zuñiga
  • Roberto Hernández Pérez



SEO, Sites Indexation, WWW


In this computer's era, characterized by the rapid proliferation of indexed documents across the World Wide Web, the imperative arises for the employment of diverse strategies to enhance the positioning of websites within search engines, including but not limited to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The voluminous expanse of indexed documents on the web, exceeding 30 billion, underscores the need for a systematic approach. This paper introduces the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique a method designed to elevate the inherent attributes of websites, facilitating superior evaluation and ranking by search engines, Notably, search engines incorporate over 200 distinct features within their ranking algorithms, encompassing internal factors inherent to developed websites and external factors predominantly associated with usage frequency. This paper details the series of activities related to the SEO technique, as well as the measurement results obtained before and after its application. 


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Marrón, D. G., Ramírez, V. P. C., Zuñiga, J. A. A., & Pérez, R. H. (2024). Techniques to improve web sites positioning in the World Wide Web. South Florida Journal of Development, 5(1), 254–264.

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