The Optimization of the STOI Algorithm Parameters in Presence of the White Gaussian Noise (WGN)


  • Zoran Milivojević
  • Dijana Kostić
  • Zoran Veličković
  • Bojan Prlinčević
  • Milan Cekić



intelligibility, objective measure, STOI, MOS


The first part of the paper describes the Short Time Objective Intelligibility - STOI algorithm, which makes an objective evaluation of intelligibility, as well as an algorithm for estimating the optimal parameters of the STOI algorithm, N and . Second part of the paper, described an experiment that examines the intelligibility of the sentences formed from the Serbian Matrix Sentence Test - SMST base using: a). subjective MOS (Mean Opinion Score) test and b). objective test STOI  algorithm. Subsequently, a comparative analysis of the results were made and it was determinate an analytical formula which connecting optimal pairs (N, ). Using the results of the MOS test as a reference, a mean absolute error of estimation of the STOI algorithm was determined.


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Milivojević, Z., Kostić, D., Veličković, Z., Prlinčević, B., & Cekić, M. (2024). The Optimization of the STOI Algorithm Parameters in Presence of the White Gaussian Noise (WGN) . South Florida Journal of Development, 5(1), 109–118.