The IAD-SES-ILT model in assessing the governance of a river basin


  • Antonio Paulo da Silva
  • Maria João Simas Guerreiro
  • Samíria Maria Oliveira da Silva
  • Carlos Henrique da Silva Sousa



Hydrographic Basin, Governance, Principles, IAD-SES-ILT


This paper presents the IAD-SES-ILT heuristic model built from the combination of the Institutional Analyzes Development (IAD) framework of Elinor Ostrom and the Institutional Legal Theory (ILT). Using the grammatical syntax for the examination of institutional statements, proposed by Crawford and Ostrom, the structure of the Action Situation levels (Constitutional, Collective and Operational Choice) that make up the governance of the Hydrographic Basin of the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza was analyzed . It was possible to show that the legal view introduced to the IAD-SES by ILT added new values to the institutional approach, allowing an assessment of governance regarding the respect for the principles indicated by the OECD as necessary for good governance of water resources.



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da Silva, A. P. ., Guerreiro, M. J. S. ., da Silva, S. M. O. ., & Sousa, C. H. da S. . (2021). The IAD-SES-ILT model in assessing the governance of a river basin. South Florida Journal of Development, 2(2), 2201–2214.