Program for the implementation of strategies in downtime and impediments to failures in long drilling developed at TECNM Campus Fresnillo


  • José de Jesús Reyes-Sánchez
  • Mario Alberto García-Camacho
  • Jannet Maricela Barrientos Luján



long drilling, safety, training, time, manual, analysis, dilution


In the present project of the Higher Technological Institute of Fresnillo, in the area of ​​mining engineering, a theoretical-practical research project is developed that focuses on the loss of time and processes in long drilling. In operations carried out with this long drilling procedure, production costs increase and profits are reduced. Training programs will provide better dexterity to operators, making their practical tasks easier and safer. This will guarantee growth and profits at a level. personal and business in the mining field, with the reduction of accidents, downtime and bad practices with the correct training of operators.


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Reyes-Sánchez, J. de J., García-Camacho, M. A., & Luján, J. M. B. (2023). Program for the implementation of strategies in downtime and impediments to failures in long drilling developed at TECNM Campus Fresnillo. South Florida Journal of Development, 4(9), 3577–3585.