The dispute between North Macedonia and Bulgaria in the light of historical and political issues


  • Xhyla Çeliku
  • Anthony Preston



North Macedonia, Bulgaria, historical, cultural and language contest, EU-integration


The path towards North Macedonia’s membership in the European Union has been long and arduous. After resolving the naming dispute with Greece, North Macedonia is now facing opposition from Bulgaria, a member of the European Union, over issues related to history, culture, and language. Bulgaria has the right to veto North Macedonia’s accession to the European Union.  The current situation in North Macedonia is dire. Corruption is rampant in state administration and society at large. The economy is deteriorating, and the young generation is leaving the country in droves. The international community can play a crucial role in preventing this chaotic social and political situation in North Macedonia. It can push both countries to find a reasonable solution in order for North Macedonia to be part of the European Union as soon as possible.


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