Strategies to promote sustainable community tourism development in Casas Viejas Commune, Manabí, Ecuador


  • Héctor Simón Pinargote Vélez
  • Dayana Jazmin Chiquito Toala
  • Alexandra Isabel Leones Montalvan
  • Romina Stephania Saenz Veliz



sustainable development, local empowerment, citizen participation, natural resources, community-based tourism


This study investigates strategies to promote sustainable development of community-based tourism in Comuna Casas Viejas. Community-based tourism aims to enhance local quality of life through participation and equitable income distribution. However, the community has faced economic challenges due to deteriorating tourism infrastructure. This article proposes strategies to address these issues. The influence of key stakeholders such as local institutions, governments, and organizations was analyzed. Additionally, benefits in economic, environmental, and socio-cultural domains were examined. Citizen participation was deemed essential for decision-making and community integration. To revitalize tourism, infrastructure restoration and sustainable waste management and conservation practices are suggested. Collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations is paramount to ensure long-term success. It is concluded that the effective implementation of these strategies can contribute to economic recovery, environmental conservation, and the strengthening of local cultural identity. Collaboration among the community, institutions, and external actors is crucial to achieving sustainable community-based tourism in Comuna Casas Viejas. This study offers a holistic approach to addressing community-based tourism challenges and can serve as a guide for other communities interested in developing sustainable and beneficial tourism practices for all stakeholders involved.


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Vélez, H. S. P., Toala, D. J. C., Montalvan, A. I. L., & Veliz, R. S. S. (2023). Strategies to promote sustainable community tourism development in Casas Viejas Commune, Manabí, Ecuador. South Florida Journal of Development, 4(7), 2773–2784.

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