Exergetic analyses of a domestic heat pump for drying


  • Raymundo López Callejas
  • Mabel Vaca Mier
  • Arturo Lizardi Ramos
  • Araceli Lara Valdivia
  • Hilario Terres Peña
  • Sandra Chávez Sánchez




domestic heat pump, conditioned air, herbs dryer, COP


The use of heat pumps for heating and cooling a building or a single room is a technology that has been widely developed in recent times, the main advantage is that they provide higher efficiency compared to other heating methods such as fossil fuel combustion. But in many regions of the world, it is still a little or nothing known technology, since environmental and economic conditions have not allowed its development and use. This paper analyzes from the exergetic point of view the use of a domestic heat pump with the dual purpose of taking advantage of both the higher temperature side in an herbal dryer and the low temperature to cool a room. COP of the heat pump was 6.5.


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Callejas, R. L., Mier, M. V., Ramos, A. L., Valdivia, A. L., Peña, H. T., & Sánchez, S. C. (2023). Exergetic analyses of a domestic heat pump for drying. South Florida Journal of Development, 4(7), 2691–2699. https://doi.org/10.46932/sfjdv4n7-009