The use of storytelling for the development of oral production in english for sixth grade A2 level


  • Del Rosario Yagual Magda Janeth
  • Italo Carabajo Romero



allophones, focus groups, phonetics, storytelling, linguistics


In the development of this document, in the first part, a bibliographical analysis of the importance of telling personal stories in English as a second language has been elaborated, highlighting the importance of the hippocampus and memory to be able to put together a story from a psychological point of view; the importance of the hippocampus in the development of the verbalisation of the past tense. The Piaget period is highlighted, that of concrete operations as a means of learning. Linguistically, an analysis is made of the consonantal combinations that later affect phonetics. Methodologically, the method of focus groups (focus groups) was applied with students between 9 and 11 years of age, using a random, probabilistic, qualitative sample. It is concluded that the use of storytelling is useful for the development of oral production in English for sixth grade A2 level. Storytelling helps to access the socio- cultural function and properties of the new varieties, especially at the lexical level, as it is an area where its usefulness as a tool for social cohesion in the classroom becomes clear.


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