Community based asian agrifuture: how it can be achieved


  • Nobutaka Ito



Asian agrifuture, ASEAN Economic Community, Future Farmer of Asia growing program, Smart Agriculture, Asia Techno Farm, Agricultural machinery industry, Bi-lateral project, Human resources development


Asia is one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world, however the quality control of agricultural food products should be severely and strictly managed from the view point of food security and safety due to the increase of food feeding demand to cover the drastic and rapidly increase of world human population in recent years. In this paper the current status of Asian agriculture is overviewed first, then the Asian agrifuture is discussed and proposed from the community-based viewpoint how it should / can be promoted and achieved. The author helped to organized and hold the workshop on precision agriculture and agricultural machinery industry for Thailand 4.0 based on the request of NSTDA, National Science & Technology Development Agency) in 2017, however, it seems that no progress has been made without being talked about. However, knowing what the current situation is now going is really important for predicting the future of Asian agriculture, so the author added some findings from his own point of view.


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