Influence of technology adoption on organizational performance: evidence from Paraguayan microenterprises


  • Raúl Marcelo Ferrer-Dávalos



microenterprises, technology adoption, performance measurement, action research


The use of technology can assist microenterprises in increasing their productivity, competitiveness, and effectiveness, as well as improving customer satisfaction. The goal of this study was to compare the administrative performance of participating microenterprises before and after implementing a computerized management system. Thirty-two microenterprise owners and managers were selected for this case study and participated in four phases of the action research method: an exploratory phase to identify needs, a planning phase during which the first performance measurement was conducted, an implementation phase, and finally a post-implementation evaluation phase in which a new performance measurement was performed. Based on the specific needs identified in the exploratory phase, a tailor-made management software was designed and implemented in the participating microenterprises. The Student’s T-test results show a statistically significant positive change. Most of the participants agree that the implementation has contributed to a significant improvement in administrative tasks and processes, making their overall work more efficient, more accurate and with greater speed. This indicates that a correct implementation of information and communication technologies based on specific needs has a positive impact on the administrative performance of microenterprises. The method used in this study could be useful for successful technology adoption in similar organizations.


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