Classification of SMEs through a distributed system that allows the generation of e-commerce applications in Mexico


  • Marco Antonio Acosta Mendizabal
  • Iván Azamar Palma
  • Martha Guadalupe Morales Huerta
  • Claudia Guzman Barrera
  • Virginia Aguilar Guerrero
  • Consuelo Ceron Rodriguez
  • Cristóbal Estrada Acosta



e-commerce, SMEs, distributed system, competitiveness


Mexican companies with the current economic model and globalization that we are experiencing have been able to expand into other markets thanks to the interconnectivity of new technologies, which has led to the arrival of multinational companies and the investment of large Mexican capital in other latitudes to a greater extent, and investment outside our country by some companies, that is, looking for new business niches for the expansion of markets where they can compete with their products and services. It is not the case of small and medium-sized companies that despite being a sector that in terms of the constitution of companies, 94% of the micro-enterprises established in this country do not have infrastructure and technology conditions that allow them to make use of of the same that allows them to improve their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. These represent barriers for Mexican SMEs, continuous loss of market position, thereby endangering their livelihood. The purpose of this research is to carry out a study of Mexican SMEs that serves as a proposal for an innovative model for the implementation of electronic commerce that serves as an instrument to increase the competitiveness and confidence of transactions executed in the context of electronic marketing, using using multivariate statistical methods such as Ward's method and factor analysis as validation that supports criteria of legality, security and guarantee as an adequate means for said commercialization.


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Mendizabal, M. A. A., Palma, I. A., Huerta, M. G. M., Barrera, C. G., Guerrero, V. A., Rodriguez, C. C., & Acosta, C. E. (2023). Classification of SMEs through a distributed system that allows the generation of e-commerce applications in Mexico. South Florida Journal of Development, 4(2), 686–695.

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