European union: the commitment of hope, human rights, equality, development and education


  • Liliana Rodrigues



European union, human rights, women empowerment, development, education


The European Union is strongly committed to the idea of equal rights and respect for difference in all its dimensions. In this reflection I will address the gender perspective and the importance of foreign policies to strengthen strategies and measures that promote education for equality and its implications in terms of health and personal, social, cultural, and economic empowerment. The vulnerability of girls and young women requires a specific focus on gender issues and access to all levels of education. Thus, education is assumed as a commitment to equality, that is, a broad education for behavior changes in relation to gender violence, involving all men, women, boys, girls and communities. In fact, we consider women's rights to be human rights and we want to show why human rights and their empowerment are fundamental to the development of a region and a country.


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