The implementation of mobile learning for geometry and trigonometry students at CECyT 16 "Hidalgo"


  • María Mónica García Arroyo
  • Humberto Cuevas Rivera



mobile learning, b-learning, teaching, learning, strategy


This paper presents the work of qualitative cut research as  a result of the analysis of the implementation of  Mobile Learning for students of the upper middle level in the Centrodef Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos No. 16 Hidalgo, Mexico;  being a support strategy for  the teaching and learning process,  where  ICT is easy to transfer and  viable, improving and  speeding up its implementation;  since  having an Internet connection is having access to countless open  resources and the barrier of distances do not exist. In the academic context, Internet revolutionized the way of presenting information, innovating the way in which it is learned and how it is taught, becoming playful, dynamic and fun;  Currently, young people are used to new technologies, mobile  devices such as cell phones and tablets used inside and outside the classroom, become a vital tool for mobile education taking advantage of the portability and ease of being able to connect anywhere and at any time.


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Arroyo, M. M. G., & Rivera, H. C. (2023). The implementation of mobile learning for geometry and trigonometry students at CECyT 16 "Hidalgo". South Florida Journal of Development, 4(1), 299–312.