Photographic and informative catalog of the cultural tourist attractions of the jipijapa canton


  • Romina Stephania Saenz Veliz
  • Cinthia Maria Menendez Baque
  • Hector Simon Pinargote Velez
  • Maria Jose Marcillo Alcivar



cultural tourist attractions, catalogue, photography, tourist information, hierarchy


Tourist attractions are those that, due to their natural or cultural value, become a fundamental part of tourism, which has now become one of the most important economic activities worldwide. The objective of the investigation was to elaborate a photographic and informative catalog that contributes to the diffusion of the most distinctive cultural tourist attractions that are perceived in the urban area of the Jipijapa canton, in order to carry it to its tourist development at a national level. The research is carried out under the methodology with a qualitative approach, using the file provided by the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR, 2018), in addition to direct observation and bibliographic review of the PDOT of the canton, obtaining results that are closer to the objective of the study. . It was possible to identify cultural tourist attractions framed in hierarchy II, for its part, the basic services offered in the canton are not the most optimal, including a rudimentary tourist plant, so the studies carried out in the investigation contribute to the design of the catalog. It should be noted that this work shows detailed data that, if executed, will be available to the public through the proposal of a web page of cultural tourism modality that will contribute to a greater reach in the tourist diffusion for Jipijapa, the so-called "Sultana del Café".


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Veliz, R. S. S., Baque, C. M. M., Velez, H. S. P., & Alcivar, M. J. M. (2023). Photographic and informative catalog of the cultural tourist attractions of the jipijapa canton. South Florida Journal of Development, 4(1), 156–168.

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