Tiktok study about lifestyle in medan city


  • Murni Eva Marlina Rumapea




tiktok, lifestyle, entertainment


Tiktok is an application where users can share short videos and music. . tiktok app is a social network and music video platform launched in september 2016 by a chinese developer. The Tiktok app was first launched by a Chinese company, ByteDance, named Douyin. Lifestyle is a person's behavior expressed in activities, interests and opinions, especially those related to self-image to reflect their social status. With lifestyle, you can learn how a person spends their time, their interests, and how they feel about themselves and the world around them. This study aims to find out what depends on tiktok users. Can be reviewed internally and externally. The lifestyle form of tiktok users can be seen from self-perpetuation, self-entertainment, self-confidence formation and others. The method used is the phenomenological research method of Alfred Schutz with qualitative and descriptive research type approach. This research can conclude that in Medan city, tiktok has become a way of life, as an artist, commercial (commercial) advertisement and latest information.


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