Financial behavior of microentrepreneurs and its influence on business success


  • Nancy Sánchez Aguilar
  • Cecilia Alvarado Salayandia
  • Deyanira Cruz Manzano



financial management, performance, success, profits, mypes


Microentrepreneurs have always shown a clear vulnerability to the continuous changes in the economic and financial sphere, however, the pandemic has further accentuated these circumstances, which has caused a devastating effect on this important sector of the Mexican economy. To alleviate these adverse circumstances, it is necessary for the small business owner to seek to more efficiently manage increasingly scarce financial resources, caused by greater competition and less and less demand. The financial management of resources is an essential factor for the survival of the business and that has a fundamental influence on its development. Unfortunately, after the pandemic, the shortage of sales and income has accentuated the economic condition of the businesses. The objective of this research is to identify some features of the financial behavior of Mypes entrepreneurs in the metropolitan area of ​​the State of Querétaro and verify the influence it has on the management of their business.



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Aguilar, N. S., Salayandia, C. A., & Manzano, D. C. (2022). Financial behavior of microentrepreneurs and its influence on business success. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(6), 7279–7287.

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