Theory of nursing systems and benefits of physical activity


  • Román Vázquez Ovando
  • Ernestina Méndez Cordero
  • Graciela López Orozco
  • Carmen Hernández Cruz
  • Jorge Arturo Alvarado Martínez
  • María Angélica Ibarra Estela
  • Amelia Sánchez Espinosa



physical activity, self-care, nursing care, DeCS


Introduction: Physical activity is the voluntary and involuntary movement that activates the respiratory and metabolic functions to produce energy expenditure during activities of daily routine and hobbies. Objective: To know the benefits of physical activity and explain how it is related to the Nursing Systems Theory. Method: Documentary-qualitative design study. Results: The benefits of physical activity can be conceptualized in a cognitive, preventive, and motivational approach. Conclusions: Nursing systems theory clearly shows how nursing care is determined by the level of physical activity and dependence of the patient to carry out daily activities.



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Ovando, R. V., Cordero, E. M., Orozco, G. L., Cruz, C. H., Martínez, J. A. A., Estela, M. A. I., & Espinosa, A. S. (2022). Theory of nursing systems and benefits of physical activity. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(6), 6407–6417.

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