Mobile application as a learning object in the teaching of a programming language


  • Iván Azamar Palma
  • Marco Antonio Acosta Mendizábal
  • Martha Guadalupe Morales Huerta
  • Claudia Guzman Barrera
  • Virgina Aguilar Guerrero
  • Consuelo Ceron Rodriguez
  • Cristóbal Estrada Acosta



e-learning, learning object, mobile applications


The development of this prototype consists of a mobile application (app) under the Android operating system platform that aims to teach the essential bases of the structure of a programming language and promote programming logic in students, this app is oriented to engineering students in the area of ​​computational sciences, since today most students who study these technologies use smartphones on a daily basis and necessary for their training, so the idea is to create an educational app that allows greater interaction between the user and the thematic content that promotes greater dynamism in the teaching-learning process, the app offers practical programming exercises based on the connectivist educational model to generate the knowledge and skills to program in Python for being an accessible and easy to learn language.



How to Cite

Palma, I. A., Mendizábal , M. A. A., Huerta , M. G. M., Barrera, C. G., Guerrero, V. A., Rodriguez, C. C., & Acosta, C. E. (2022). Mobile application as a learning object in the teaching of a programming language. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(5), 6308–6317.

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