Regulations for sustainable development in the environment and forestry


  • Anne Rusiana



legal instrument, over lapping, disharmony


Bureaucratic reform Determination of laws and regulations with the aim that a more orderly, non-overlapping, and conducive agreement. Environmental regulation, governance and governance of forest natural resources consists of one factor that needs attention, because the exploitation of wood using machine technology will produce in a relatively short time. At the level of existing legal instruments overlapping authorities are also not in harmony with regulations because at the ministerial level related to legal products that do not provide space for customary law communities governing customary forests More are responsible for instruments made unilaterally by realizing indigenous peoples to register his right to the ministry, even though the customary community living in his environment asked him not to trust his customary rights because customary rights had existed since before they were issued not announced but carried out naturally by generations. Legal instruments that are not participatory against indigenous peoples will result in customary forest management systems that are not well organized, so that the community will be provoked by community needs in this case primary industrial timber entrepreneurs who receive timber forest products from indigenous peoples will be exploited using unsupported responsibilities The impact of disharmony regulations on the collection of timber forest products at the central and regional levels is not responsible for the community to utilize their own customary forests and the environment and forests will increase shrinkage and carrying capacity of the world's lungs is not optimal.



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