Application of nanotechnology to ambient air quality and safety in niger delta, Nigeria


  • John Fonyuy Wansah
  • Jacob Bunmi Akeredolu
  • Cookey Iyen
  • Actor John Ocheje



air quality, assessment, nanotechnology, niger delta, pollution, safety


An assessment of the extent of pollutants present in the ambient air in the Niger Delta relative to permissible levels has been reviewed with respect to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Man’s activities such as deforestation, urbanization, industrialization, transportation, oil exploration and exploitation, gas flaring, unlimited usage of pesticides and herbicides, for sustenance in the region have led to the degradation of the ambient air quality drastically. Results of some ambient air quality assessments show that levels of concentrations of carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxide and total particulate matter exceed existing Federal Environmental Protection Agency Standards. These pollutants are a threat to ambient air quality and safety of water, plants, animals and humans. These environmental pollutants are found as mixture in the air and are very difficult to remediate using existing conventional technologies. Overcoming this Promethean Paradigm requires latest technologies that control reactions at the nanoscale using engineered nanomaterials. Nanomaterials having relatively larger surface area per unit mass, utilizes their unique physical and chemical characteristics to combat environment air pollution through pollution prevention, remediation and sensing of pollutants. Therefore using nanotechnology facilitates green manufacturing resulting in cleaner, more efficient industrial processes, improved ability to detect and eliminate pollution thus improving ambient air quality in the Niger Delta. In any case, a comprehensive risk assessment of the safety on human health and environmental impact should be adequately evaluated at all stages of nanotechnology applications.



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Wansah, J. F. ., Akeredolu, J. B. ., Iyen, C. ., & Ocheje, A. J. . (2022). Application of nanotechnology to ambient air quality and safety in niger delta, Nigeria. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(5), 6148–6175.