The history of life in the foundation of xocolátl


  • Ricardo Ortiz Ayala
  • María del Pilar Scott Mota
  • Alejandra Urbiola Solís



life story, narrative, success


The business project " Xocolatl , Drink of the Gods" of the SME sector in Mexico, is a success story, whose formal management is currently adequate, but there is something deeper that has positioned it in the place it is now. Beyond the measurement of what is visible, the quantitative and the numbers, knowing how it was founded and what led the company to remain in the market, unlike other entrepreneurs who saw the need to closing in the first years of your business will allow you to analyze the intrinsic and cultural factors that are key to your success. This study deals with the existence of the company, addressing its life history, the circumstances that influenced its foundation and permanence, which are very particular and could not be known more than through the narrative of its founder.



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Ayala, R. O. ., Mota, M. del P. S. ., & Solís, A. U. . (2022). The history of life in the foundation of xocolátl. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(5), 6052–6059.