Oral communication in literary communities in east java


  • Ida Bagus Putera Manuaba
  • I Ketut Sudewa
  • Edi Setijowati




literary community, communication, equality, community


The Indonesian literary community in East Java has experienced very rapid development. Especially in recent developments, the literary community continues to grow and increase in the East Java region--and at the same time develops literary publishing institutions. In this community, interactions between members of the writer are mixed between junior and senior writers. They interact with each other, in their respective communities. This article, in particular, aims to express the style of oral communication that occurs between senior writers and junior writers. The material objects chosen as representatives (corpus) in this article are two literary communities, namely: Komunitas Arek Japan (Mojokerto) and Komunitas Sastra Lingkar Timur Tanah Kapur (Ngawi). The method used is the method of communication, with oral communication theory, and a qualitative descriptive approach. From the research conducted, it was found that oral communication used in communication interactions between junior and senior writers was equality communication, which did not distinguish between ways of communication between junior writers and senior writers. In communicating, they are not limited because they are young and old, but they prioritize intimacy, intimacy, and fluency in creativity. There is no level of language in oral communication when interacting in a community.



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Manuaba, I. B. P. ., Sudewa, I. K. ., & Setijowati, E. . (2022). Oral communication in literary communities in east java. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(5), 5785–5790. https://doi.org/10.46932/sfjdv3n5-005