Importance of implementing B2C e-commerce systems in SMEs in Mexico


  • Marco Antonio Acosta Mendizabal
  • Humberto Dorantes Benavidez
  • Felipe de Jesus Dorantes Benavidez
  • Benito Samuel López Razo
  • Francisco Joaquín Villafaña Rivera



SMEs, e-commerce, internet


The important role of SMEs as a sector of growing importance in the economic development of Mexico is undeniable, its fundamental problem is the challenge of constant updating of technology that allows it to sustain itself in a competitive environment. Electronic commerce is a medium that has elements of distribution of products that can circulate online around the world, however, only a small part of SMEs have a sales channel on the Internet. The objective of this work is the proposal for the implementation of a B2C (business-consumer) e-commerce system so that SMEs can advertise, promote and distribute products over the Internet to achieve links with new markets that allow them to sustain themselves in an environment highly competitive. The analysis was carried out with a deductive methodology and with a quantitative approach in which the collection and analysis of data is used to validate the proposal in a statistical model and under this foundation to propose the model.



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Mendizabal, M. A. A. ., Benavidez, H. D. ., Benavidez, F. de J. D. ., Razo , B. S. L. ., & Rivera , F. J. V. . (2022). Importance of implementing B2C e-commerce systems in SMEs in Mexico. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(4), 5200–5212.

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