Traces of plagiarism in academic essays in students of an online doctorate


  • José Luis Soto Ortiz
  • Juan Carlos Zamudio Hermida
  • Carlos Arturo Torres Gastelú



academic writing, plagiarism, learning, education, digital tools


In this work, an exploratory study was carried out to analyze, through an anti-plagiarism program, the essays prepared by a group of postgraduate students. The focus of the study is quantitative, taking as a starting point the similarity index obtained with the iThenticate application, contrasting the essays in an artisanal way for an assessment of plagiarism. In a first analysis, a similarity index of textual copying of up to 90% was detected in some works, giving feedback to each student to correct their texts. Finally, the similarity index in the final delivery of the essays was on average 20.3%. In conclusion, using iThenticate allowed a rapid analysis of the essays, and that when collating manually, the plagiarism committed was evidenced; however, providing feedback to the student about the mistakes made was conducive to improving their writing and citation.



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Ortiz, J. L. S. ., Hermida, J. C. Z. ., & Gastelú, C. A. T. . (2022). Traces of plagiarism in academic essays in students of an online doctorate. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(4), 5173–5180.