Recounting the cultural keystones of the Inlaud Tribe through oral narratives and festivities on Pinaing/Pinading


  • Alexis A. Enriquez
  • Geneva Pablo



abra, <em>Inlaud Tribe</em>, <em>Pinaing/ Pinading</em>, ethnolinguistic groups


The Tingguians as one of nearly 100 ethnolinguistic groups in the Philippines are mostly in Abra’s highlands, and each of the 11 sub-groups have their own distinct language. The tribe has been distributed in the municipalities of Peñarrubia, Langiden, Danglas, and Lagangilang. The language and dialects of the Inlaud Itnegs have quite several lexical similarities to the Ilocano language, which is their second language. This study focused on the existing oral narrative of the Inlaud Tribe, the “Pinaing”. It subsequently showed this literary form of traditional stories or oral narratives collected from the selected knowledgeable elders and folks of the tribe. It further described how fabulists influenced and transformed the lives of these indigenous peoples. The study utilized qualitative-narrative research as it focused on the oral narrative as the basis of the cultural underpinnings or keystones of the tribe. The respondents purposively selected old folks and elders from the municipality of Peñarrubia who, had various experiences and extreme knowledge of “Pinaing”. The results gathered were coded and thematized using Braun and Clarke (2006) Thematic Analysis. Findings revealed that the oral narrative on Pinaing remarkably left good values that had developed or shaped the spirit and morale of the IP’s. The Pinaing culture is still respected and sustained its virtual and natural essence to the perceptions of the people. This is yearly and grandly celebrated by the people of Penarrubia calling it “Pinaing Festival”. It justified that the culture, practices, and traditions still exist among the Inlaud tribe. The researchers humbly recommend that the gathered data be endorsed as authentic sources of ethnographic data of the tribe and curriculum inclusion may be considered.



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Enriquez, A. A. ., & Pablo, G. . (2022). Recounting the cultural keystones of the Inlaud Tribe through oral narratives and festivities on Pinaing/Pinading. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(4), 5023–5029.