Trafficking crime policy in a philosophical, sociological and juridical perspective


  • Wulandari
  • Setiawati
  • Sumartini Dewi



legal policy, trafficking crime


This study aims to discuss government policies in tackling the crime of trafficking as a criminal act that violates human rights. Trafficking is a transnational crime and Indonesia as a country with a large number of trafficking victims. Trafficking victims are women/children, various endemics are the reasons for the occurrence of Trafficking crimes against vulnerable groups based on social, economic, and cultural conditions. The method used in this research is a descriptive method with a qualitative approach. In dealing with the crime of trafficking, it is necessary to do it bilaterally/multilaterally. Various prevention efforts have been carried out by the government through law enforcement (penal) against perpetrators as well as a form of protection for victims such as providing compensation to both victims and their families. However, the lack of understanding and professionalism of law enforcement officers in dealing with the crime of trafficking has resulted in this crime not being able to be resolved optimally, so there needs to be an integrated handling of cases by prioritizing non-penal efforts and involving the community in crime prevention and control, namely through preventive and repressive efforts.



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Wulandari, Setiawati, & Dewi, S. . (2022). Trafficking crime policy in a philosophical, sociological and juridical perspective. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(4), 4858–4864.