Sales performance during COVID19, an analysis for microenterprises in the state of Querétaro


  • Maricarmen Rico Galeana
  • Miguel Ángel Viramontes Romero
  • Martha Adela Bonilla Gómez
  • María del Socorro Cabrera Ríos
  • Nancy Sánchez Aguilar
  • María Alejandra Carretero Larrea



sales, microenterprises, sales strategy, profitability


The current pandemic has had a profound impact on Mexico's economic situation. Production, employment and business expectations have been seriously affected. The business environment has changed, forcing companies to explore new ways to stay relevant and survive the current situation. However, most of the diagnoses of the effects of the pandemic have focused on large companies, in the top sectors of the economy, leaving out, except for some light reporting, formal and informal microenterprises. This document shows the effects that the current pandemic has had on the sales of micro-enterprises in three municipalities of the State of Queretaro; for this purpose, a survey of micro-entrepreneurs in the State was carried out between April 2020 and September 2021 with the objective of finding out what the effect of the pandemic had been on their sales and if they had adopted other strategies to maintain or even increase them. For this purpose, variables such as: profits, gross sales, sales strategy, means used for sales and pricing were considered. The results show a considerable decrease in sales in a high proportion of the surveyed population, as well as in the profits obtained during the period; in addition, there was little response capacity of the microenterprises to adapt to the new sanitary reality.



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Galeana, M. R. ., Romero, M. Ángel V. ., Gómez, M. A. B. ., Ríos, M. del S. C. ., Aguilar, N. S. ., & Larrea, M. A. C. . (2022). Sales performance during COVID19, an analysis for microenterprises in the state of Querétaro. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(4), 4357–4373.