Study of cultural popular use of gadget students University of Medan


  • Murni Eva Marlina Rumapea



popular culture, gadgets, students


The gadget is a kind of sophisticated technology communication tool, which has been equipped with various applications and makes it easier to connect to the internet. The gadget is equipped with various applications, games (games), Facebook, WA, messenger, Instagram, video call, wifi, and others. One of the distinguishing gadgets from other electronic devices is "novelty". This means that day by day the gadget still has new models, brands, and shapes. The majority of students use gadgets based on the attractiveness of social media advertisements, applications in gadgets, sophistication, affordability, and environmental and social culture. The use of positive impact gadgets is to facilitate communication and shorten the time for infrastructure. Negative effects lead to negative behaviour. So to overcome this phenomenon parents are active in educating children, paying attention to behaviour, and stakeholders provide insights using gadgets. Based on the results of this study the use of gadgets on Universitas Negeri Medan students at present has become part of the need. The use of gadgets offers students information both academic and non-academic. Even information that does not support academics is on gadgets. This situation results in students wasting time, so learning activities are not the main focus. In other words, the use of gadgets by Universitas Negeri Medan students has become popular culture. In addition, the use of gadgets for parents and stakeholders (educational institutions and religious leaders) provides views on the use of gadgets.



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Rumapea, M. E. M. . (2022). Study of cultural popular use of gadget students University of Medan . South Florida Journal of Development, 3(4), 4268–4278.