Motion along curved path pohyb v zatáčce


  • Mustafa Osman Elrayah Aboelhassan



motion, circular motion, curved path, vertical curves, curvature


We all experience motion along  a curved path in our daily life. The motion is not exactly a circular motion. However, we can think of curved path as a sequence of circular motions of different radii. As such, motion of vehicles like that of car, truck etc, on a curved road can be analyzed in terms of the dynamics of circular motion. Clearly, analysis is done for the circulr segment with the smallest radius as it represents the maximum curvature. It must be  noted that „curvature“ and „radius of curvature“ are inverse to each other.



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Aboelhassan, M. O. E. . (2022). Motion along curved path pohyb v zatáčce. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(4), 4188–4193.