Implementation of DSL: didactic system of learning for children with special educational needs


  • María Luisa Morales Hernández
  • Marisol Calderón González
  • José David Alanis Urquieta
  • Paulo Daniel Vázquez Mora
  • Alain Chalieet Petriz Villasis
  • Daniel Díaz Lara
  • Alan Hernández Aca
  • Hugo Enrique Reyes Ruiz



multiple atention center, C#, impairment, cognitive functions, special needs, UML


In this paper the tool DSL (SDA: Sistema Didáctico de Aprendizaje, by its acronym in Spanish) is presented. This tool was designed for the Multiple Attention Center located at Santa Ana Xalmimilulco, Huejotzingo, Puebla, with the aim to help in the in the educative process, as didactic auxiliary in the cognitive process corresponding to the subjects of math and Spanish in the center by means of automation. The main aim is the production of an educational software, focused to didactic of basic cognitive functions. This  skills and abilities it is develop in an environment of special education and taking as a base the specialized bibliography of the own Multiple Attention Center. The system was done in C#, taking in advantage the object oriented programming and the interface of the environment of development. Moreover the software it was developed by means of the prototypes paradigm, using Unified Modelling Language, UML, which is a graphic language to visualize, specify, build and document a system, backed up by the OMG (object Management Group). It offer a standard in order to describe a “plane” of the system (model),including the conceptual aspects such as business process and functions of the system, and concrete aspects as expressions of programming languages, data base schemas and reusable components. The results obtained as product of the development of this system was valued by the CAM’s personal. The system developed it is found currently operating in the installations of the center. It is a software with adequate characteristics to the environment, flexible, usable and verifiable that complies with the characteristics of an educational software fully. In future works it is could achieve the realization of software packages portables to other platforms and adaptable to run into web.



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Hernández, M. L. M. ., González, M. C. ., Urquieta, J. D. A. ., Mora, P. D. V. ., Villasis , A. C. P. ., Lara, D. D. ., Aca, A. H. ., & Ruiz, H. E. R. . (2022). Implementation of DSL: didactic system of learning for children with special educational needs. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(3), 4067–4080.

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