Student Mobility Program in BINE's Bachelor's Degree in Special Education


  • Luis Ricardo Ramos Hernández
  • Sibiú Sánchez Barrera
  • Francisco Javier Saucedo Jonapá
  • Adrián Cortés Sánchez



Mobility, Internationalization, Special Education, Teacher Training Colleges


The BINE mobility program has been generating exchange and student mobility experiences since 2010. In the first instance through the Young Teacher Exchange Programme, and subsequently with other teacher training institutions of the DGESPE.  The present study considers the following dimensions of the instrument shared by the BINE Mobility Program: Perception of the achievement of the traits of the graduate profile, perception of the subjects taken, general evaluation of the experience, and enrichment comments. The mobility program not only aims at academic improvement but also offers opportunities for future teachers to strengthen their autonomy and become better citizens. The aim of the program in the future should be to move from individual enrichment to genuine institutional development.



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Hernández , L. R. R. ., Barrera, S. S. ., Jonapá, F. J. S. ., & Sánchez , A. C. . (2021). Student Mobility Program in BINE’s Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education. South Florida Journal of Development, 2(1), 643–650.