Gamification in the childhood education classroom


  • Sandra Giménez García
  • Alba Hernández Nicolás
  • Marta Garrido Cano
  • Jose María Rabal Alonso



Gamification, Early Childhood Education, meaningful learning, motivation, game, didactic


In this article we will talk about the concept of gamification and its motivating role in the Early Childhood Education classroom. Gamification, as we will see in the development of this article, is a type of learning that will facilitate the internalization of content in a more fun way, generating positive experiences in children. Therefore, the present work is composed of a conceptual clarification of said term, by a differentiation between gamified activity and gaming, and by the fundamental points of gamification. On the other hand, we indicate several tools on how to bring this learning to the classroom and why to bring it, since this methodology will favor learning processes, innovation, fun, productivity and the acquisition of skills.



How to Cite

García, S. G. ., Nicolás, A. H. ., Cano, M. G. ., & Alonso, J. M. R. . (2021). Gamification in the childhood education classroom. South Florida Journal of Development, 2(1), 623–632.

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