Simulated courtroom trials: a challenging learning activity
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simulated trial
procedural law
learning activity.

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Martí , R. C. ., Domènech, F. A. ., Guri, E. C. ., & Junoy, J. P. i . (2022). Simulated courtroom trials: a challenging learning activity. South Florida Journal of Development, 3(3), 3181–3190.


In this paper we report a learning experience taught by lecturers in Procedural Law at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV). This innovative experience comprises the simulation of courtroom trials in the field of Procedural Law and is taught to first-year undergraduate Law students taking the Introduction to Procedural Law course. These simulated courtroom trials, which aim to provide students with practical experience, are highly satisfactory in terms of the students’ acquisition of theoretical and practical skills. Implementing this learning experience at the beginning of the degree enables first-year students to quickly become familiar with all aspects of real trials and the practices employed in courts and tribunals. Moreover, the students improve their oral skills by conducting a simulation of oral proceedings and their writing skills by drafting a report on their simulated courtroom trial.
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